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VI Chemical Peels: 5 Types of Peels for All Skin Types

Skin Better Science AlphaRet Overnight Cream Skinbetter Science debuted in 2016 and the company says its products are “backed by decades of rigorous clinical research.” The product line is only available through its network of physicians at dermatology offices as well as select medical spas. Skinbetter Science describes its philosophy as being rooted in science—“We […]

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VI Chemical Peels: 5 Types of Peels for All Skin Types

ACNE BALANCING SERUM Acne Balancing Serum is an advanced, lightweight acne serum that penetrates pores to reduce acne, allow skin to heal and prevent new blemishes from forming. An innovative encapsulated salicylic acid technology provides a slow even release into the skin, minimizing irritation while extending effectiveness. Oligopeptide-10 works synergistically with salicylic acid. Resveratrol and […]

Hair Restoration Exosome Therapy

Hair Restoration Exosome Therapy By injecting exosomes and growth factors, it has been clinically shown to help regenerate and regrow hair as a treatment for hair loss in both men and women in the earlier stages of hair loss. Exosomes prolong the hair growth cycle. Hair follicles stuck in the telogen phase (resting phase) convert […]

Venus Versa™

The most versatile multi-application platform that provides the most in-demand non-surgical aesthetic procedures. It’s the one workstation that combines three unique technologies:• Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with SmartPulse™ technology and advanced real-time cooling• NanoFractional RF™ with SmartScan™• Proprietary (MP)2 technology, which combines Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF). Venus Versa™ is […]

Complexion Treatments In Duluth

Complexion Treatments In Duluth BOOK NOW Uneven skin texture is the overall appearance of our complexion. It includes rough patches, fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. If you have uneven skin texture, your skin isn’t as smooth as it was when you were younger. Ideally, a good complexion and skin texture should be smooth and […]

Hair Loss – Treatments In Duluth

Hair Loss Treatments In Duluth BOOK NOW Dealing with bald spots or thinning hair can feel frustrating and overwhelming for men and women, with very little information or products seemingly available to aid those suffering from these pervasive problems. Although the topic might seem stigmatized, you don’t have to suffer from hair loss alone. Anyone […]

Excess Fat – Treatments In Duluth

Excess Fat Treatments In Duluth BOOK NOW The risks of excess body fat leads to high blood pressure, which leads to heart disease. When blood pressure is high, the coronary arteries become clogged due to fat buildup. This buildup limits blood flow and decreases the amount of oxygen and nutrients the heart gets. Dieting can […]

Sagging Skin – Treatments In Duluth

Sagging Skin – Treatments In Duluth BOOK NOW Sun exposure is the culprit behind most skin laxity. If only we’d know, we would have stayed out of the sun or been more diligent with sunscreen. Loose or sagging skin, what we call skin laxity, is found most often on the face (jowls and hollow cheeks), […]

Rosacea Treatment In Duluth

Rosacea Treatments In Duluth Rosacea, which is often called flushing or redness in the face, is caused by tiny blood vessels below the skin’s surface becoming dilated. This allows more blood to flow, and your skin appears redder. BOOK NOW What causes the flushing or redness? There are several causes behind why the capillaries dilate. […]

IPL Photofacial In Duluth

IPL Photofacial Treatments In Duluth Acne is a skin condition when pores and follicles become blocked with dead skin cells and oils. Whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples characterize acne. It is the most common skin condition among teenagers, although it also affects older people. BOOK NOW Renew Your Skin By Removing Your Sun Damage and Age […]