Dark Circles

Dark Circles

Dark under-eye circles, eye puffiness, and under-eye bags can be continuing issues. It may be a natural genetic trait or exacerbated by aging, environmental issues, insufficient sleep, or lifestyle habits. There are various treatment options, and one may help you improve the look of your tired eyes.

Treatments are designed to revitalize the look of your eyes by targeting the underlying cause or lighten the appearance of dark circles by boosting collagen or helping to revitalize thin skin the eye area. Here is some helps for pesky dark circles:
• Drinking more water
• Using eye drops
• Take regular antihistamine
• Rejuvenating eye treatments like Botox or dermal fillers
• Mesopeels (a light chemical peel)
• Microneedling combined with PRP
• RFR Microneedling

Discuss the treatment methods available with Aging Young Aesthetics. They know the skin under the eyes is thin and sensitive and can give you the best treatment.



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