Dermal Filler

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Dermal Filler

The average treatment results last around nine months but can last up to 2 years. At Aging Young Aesthetics, we carry the full series of RHA and Restylane, Refyne, Defyne, Silk, and Lyft. In addition, we carry Revanesse Versa and RHA and find them to be one of the most popular fillers among our clients. Revanesse Versa is the only filler in the U.S. available in a 1.2mL syringe size, giving you 20% more product per syringe than other HA dermal fillers at no additional cost to you. RHA dermal fillers are the latest advance in hyaluronic acid filler science. This new line of injectable fillers is the first of its kind that adapts to your facial movements while treating dynamic facial lines.  

Common uses of injectable dermal fillers include:

Contact Aging Young Aesthetics in Duluth, MN, for any questions or concerns you may have about how neurotoxins can help you reach your aesthetic goals. You can give us a call at 218-481-1800, or if you are ready to book your neurotoxin appointment, you can use our online booking system to schedule a convenient time. 


Dermal fillers are gels injected into specific areas of the face to increase fullness and volume and smooth out wrinkles.

Immediately following your filler treatment, you will be able to see the results. After injections, you may experience some swelling, but this should not last too long.

Depending on the products and formulas used, results may last from 6 months up to 1 year.

The recovery time typically depends on the patient and the type of filler injected. To minimize swelling and bruises, you should avoid intense physical activity for 24 – 48 hours after filler injections.

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