Excess Hair Growth

Excess Hair Growth

Unwanted hair growth can be irritating or embarrassing for women. However, excessive hair growth can also be an underlying sign of a hormonal imbalance. Changes in hair growth, like thicker, darker, or more widespread hair, should cause you to check out what is happening. You may have a sex hormone imbalance if you are over 35.

If you have excess and unwanted hair, you can use electrolysis, shortwave radio frequencies, laser hair removal, a long-term hair removal option, or prescription creams instead of plucking, tweezing, and waxing.

Laser hair removal is a popular and permanent solution to removing unwanted hair. Hair can be removed from nearly any part of the body. Treatments are fast, the is no downtime, and they can be done over your lunch hour.

Lasers target hair at the root or follicle; the root is destroyed, hair never grows back, and your unwanted hair is gone forever.

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