Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Eye wrinkles are common in those who are aging as the skin loses elasticity. Also, the skin under the eyes is thin, making it susceptible to fine lines, and lifestyles like smoking, UV rays, facial movements, sleeping habits, and gravity can enhance eye wrinkles. However, you can treat eye wrinkles through cosmetic procedures.

You can help prevent eye wrinkles by staying hydrated, changing sleeping patterns, stopping smoking, cutting down on alcohol consumption, avoiding stress, and surgical plus non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Eye wrinkles can be helped with dermal fillers containing HA or hyaluronic acid. Your cosmetic specialist will inject a dermal filler in areas where you have excessive eye wrinkles to help fill in the wrinkles and plump up skin that has lost volume.

Botox injections in the area you want to treat and prevent muscles from moving and forming wrinkles are also excellent cosmetic treatments for eye wrinkles

To remedy stretch marks, you can use the following:

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