Sagging Skin

Sagging Skin

Sagging skin is caused by the loss of support and fat supplies under the skin. Reduction in collagen and elastin is a major cause of saggy skin. Anyone can get saggy skin, but it is more likely to occur as you age. Saggy skin is often unsightly and a cause of cosmetic distress. However, it can be corrected.

When deciding on no treatment options, think of the areas where sagging occurs, the amount of sagging, and your feelings about your sagging skin.
To reduce moderate sagging, noninvasive treatments improve the tone and elasticity of your skin. These are very effective and can do wonders for your skin when combined with healthy lifestyle choices.

Laser therapy helps boost collagen production and improve overall skin tone. After multiple treatments, you will see remarkable results.
Laser resurfacing is a bit more invasive therapy with a longer recovery time. Resurfacing a laser takes away the top layers of skin and pushes heat deep into lower layers, causing collagen products and skin tightening.


To remedy stretch marks, you can use the following:

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